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From the Preacher’s Pen: Juice and Crackers


A problem common to our time is an inappropriately casual attitude toward worship. I recently came across a quote from a preacher, dating to 1985. I do not know of him apart from the tract, titled A Burning Fire. His name is James W. Boyd:

It makes my blood nearly boil to hear the smart-aleck liberals castigate what they call “traditionalism” in such flippant terms. One describe dour worship to God as two songs, prayer, another song, “juice and crackers.” That man proved that all fools aren’t dead. The very idea of speaking of the divinely ordained memorial to the sacrifice of the Son of God as “Juice and crackers.” You can see the level of his respect for God and His will!

The man’s purpose in writing was to encourage preachers to be careful in the language they use in and out of the pulpit. He further wrote:

Reverence and respect for that which is divine and of divine order is mandatory lest we sin by being sacrilegious and blasphemous.

It is probable that the problems with such casual and unthinking attitudes have grown greater in the 35 years since this was written. It certainly is something for us to think about!

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