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From the Preacher’s Pen: Ultimate Amelioration of Society


Alexander Campbell believed that as Christians in his generation sought to restore the ancient order of the Christian faith, it would lead to a golden age of God’s blessings in the world at large. The title of his paper, The Millennial Harbinger represented this sentiment.

In the Prospectus issue of the Harbinger, Campbell wrote:

THIS work shall be devoted to the destruction of Sectarianism, Infidelity, and Antichristian doctrine and practice. It shall have for its object the developement, and introduction of that political and religious order of society called THE MILLENNIUM, which will be the consummation of that ultimate amelioration of society proposed in the Christian Scriptures.

Some postulate that it was Campbell’s disillusionment at the lack of progress toward his goal that led him to adopt the innovation of the Missionary Society.

Campbell was misguided in his views. The restoration of the ancient order has no great impact upon society in general, any more than the establishment of the Lord’s kingdom 2,000 years ago led to virtue in the Roman world. What is accomplished, as the sincere gospel is preached to the world at large, is the salvation of good and honest souls. Social change is fine, but the Lord’s focus was never on the here and now, it has always been on eternity. And, that should be the primary focus and directed efforts of His disciples as well.

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