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Mining the Scriptures: 1 John 2:3-6


To know God is the ultimate attainment of man. The “know”-ing of our text carries with it much more than a casual acquaintance with Him. As Barnes’ states, “‘To know God as he is’ is to know and regard him as a lawgiver, a sovereign, a parent, a friend. It is to yield the whole soul to him, and strive to obey his law.”

We can know God. Such an intimate acquaintance is obtained through our obedience to His will. Conversely, as stated here by John, those who claim to know God, and do not obey Him are liars. This truth is obvious. Can a man truly claim to know God as the sovereign Creator and disregard His instructions to him? The idea is absurd.

It is only in our obedience to the will of the Lord that our love for Him is complete. There are many who claim to love Jesus, but prove themselves to be lacking in their devotion by disregarding His will.

What ought we to do? What is our obligation in light of our relationship to God and His Son? What is our response to His mercy and grace? It is, or at least it ought to be, obedience (vs. 6). We should “walk just as He walked.”