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whataburgertrex-1Those in our Apologetics class on Wednesday night saw the placemat brother Hatch brought from Whataburger. You may have heard my response, “Here we have it, definitive evidence that man and dinosaurs inhabited the earth at the same time!” A T-Rex devouring a Whataburger, when the Whataburger restaurants were not established until 1950!

For those not in the class, here is a short recap of our study about dinosaurs. First, the creation account, if accepted as historical narrative, requires a relatively young earth, and the co-existence of men and dinosaurs. It may be that most dinosaurs (reptiles) became extinct because of the flood and possible climate changes that followed, but the creation week of Genesis 1 accounts for all life that has existed upon earth.

Evolutionists dismiss evidence that men and dinosaurs walked the earth together, but evidence (both direct and indirect in nature) does exist. A few examples:

  • A series of human footprints that literally cross dinosaur tracks in the Paluxy river bed near Glen Rose, TX. One of these footprints was removed from the river bed, and cross sectioned to prove the footprint was genuine rather than carved from the stone as a hoax.
  • A carving closely resembling a Stegosaurus at Ta Prom, a Buddhist temple in Cambodia, which dates to the 12th century.
  • A cave drawing of an Apatosaurus, found in southeastern Utah, which was drawn sometime between 500 and 1450 AD.
  • The ubiquitous nature of dragon legends, found in ancient cultures throughout the world. The fact that descriptions of legendary dragons closely resemble dinosaurs indicate the possibility of truth behind the legend.
  • The presence of soft tissue in dinosaur fossils. Scientists have no reasonable explanation for the existence of such tissue, given the claimed age of said specimens.

It is obvious that there would be no direct reference to dinosaurs in the text of the English translations of the Bible, as the term was not coined until 1848. However, there are descriptions given of creatures in the Old Testament, most notably the Behemoth (chapter 40) and the Leviathan (chapter 41) in the book of Job, that closely resemble the fossil finds of some of the largest dinosaurs.

Some ridicule the idea of dinosaurs on the ark. Remember, however, that adolescent dinosaurs would not have been very large. In fact, a specimen of T-Rex, believed to have been killed when 2 years old, would have weighed only about 65 lbs. Also, not every species of dinosaur would have been found on the ark. Only two/seven of every “kind” of animal was included (cf. Genesis 7).

As scientists will tell you, some living dinosaurs remain. Large reptiles such as crocodiles and alligators come from the same family tree. In fact, evolutionists claim that crocodiles have existed for over 200 millions years, while they believe T-Rex to have existed only from 85 million to 65 million years ago.

We learn new things every day! To think that T-Rex had the good taste to enjoy an occasional burger from the best chain of burger joints in the world, Whataburger!