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The Patternists: “Liberals” and “Conservatives”


Affixing labels is sometimes helpful. It can aid in quick identification. Politically, the terms liberal and conservative give a general, albeit imprecise, picture of the convictions a person holds.

The same can be true regarding spiritual beliefs. However, the spectrum is broad, and what may be “liberal” to one man may be extremely “conservative” to another. The terms are relative.

Instead, why not consider the following three possibilities:

  1. A person who binds where God has loosed…
  2. A person who binds where God has bound, and looses where God has loosed…
  3. A person who looses where God has bound…

Of the three, only the second, “A person who binds where God has bound, and looses where God has loosed,” is acceptable to God. We have no right to be more restrictive than God, nor do we have the right to be more permissive. It is our place only to obey His word, which thoroughly equips us “for every good work” (cf. 2 Timothy 3:17).

To obey may lead some to say we are liberals, or more probably for others to say we are conservatives. The less kind may call us legalists or antis! But, to obey is to please God, and that is our purpose. (cf. Galatians 1:10).

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