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whataburgertrex-1Those in our Apologetics class on Wednesday night saw the placemat brother Hatch brought from Whataburger. You may have heard my response, “Here we have it, definitive evidence that man and dinosaurs inhabited the earth at the same time!” A T-Rex devouring a Whataburger, when the Whataburger restaurants were not established until 1950!

For those not in the class, here is a short recap of our study about dinosaurs. First, the creation account, if accepted as historical narrative, requires a relatively young earth, and the co-existence of men and dinosaurs. It may be that most dinosaurs (reptiles) became extinct because of the flood and possible climate changes that followed, but the creation week of Genesis 1 accounts for all life that has existed upon earth.

Evolutionists dismiss evidence that men and dinosaurs walked the earth together, but evidence (both direct and indirect in nature) does exist. A few examples:

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Sermon: Dinosaurs and the Bible

Wayne explains how the reality of Dinosaur fossils fits into a worldview that is centered in a belief in the Bible.


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