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Mining The Scriptures: Matthew 10:5-15



Matthew 10:5-15

The text consists of what is commonly called the Limited Commission, in contrast to the “Great Commission” recorded in Matthew 28:16-20. On both occasions the apostles were commanded to go and preach, but where the “Great Commission” had as its scope “all the nations,” the commission of Matthew 10 was limited to the “lost sheep of the house of Israel.”

The apostles were to preach the coming of the kingdom, and were to depend totally upon God’s provision to care for and protect them in their ministry.

Two lessons can be learned from the text. First, we can depend upon God’s providence as we live our lives as His children (vs. 9-13).

Second, those who reject the gospel of our Lord show themselves to be unworthy of salvation (vs. 14-15).

Paul and Barnabas referred to those in Israel who rejected the gospel as “judge [-ing] yourselves unworthy of everlasting life” (Acts 13:46).