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Sermon: The Relationship Between God and Man

The Relationship Between God and Man

Our God is Sovereign and Holy. He requires holiness of us. When we do good, He blesses us. When we choose to do evil, God’s righteous nature requires punishment. But, it is His desire the men be saved, not lost.


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Sermon: The Events of Judgment Day

The Events of Judgment Day

This lesson describes all the things that will happen on the Day that Jesus returns to judge the world.


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Sermon: My Will VS Thy Will

God has blessed man with free will. He compels no one to obey Him. His desire is for men to voluntarily come to Him, to worship Him, and obey Him. Men have a choice. However, while all of this is true, it must be understood that the choices men make have consequences.


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Sermon: The Consequences of Sin

The sermon describes both the physical and spiritual consequences of sin, using King David as an example and object lesson.


Painful Consequences


One of the many reasons why sin is so popular in our society is that people have been able to convince themselves that such activity can be enjoyed with few consequences.

While certain sins in the past carried with their commission a certain stigma, such is not the case today. Pregnancy outside of marriage, sexual promiscuity, drug use, homosexuality — all are accepted by society, or at the most are looked upon as a mild indiscretion. We witness the famous engaging in bizarre and destructive behavior, and they are continually enabled and excused in their lawbreaking and infidelities. Authority figures in our country, including policemen and educators, often have their hands tied when trying to deal with crime and delinquency. We are a society that defends, rationalizes and enables. Sin is seldom dealt with as God intends — even in the church.

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In The News: Stay on Executions Over

inthenewsGeorgia executed killer William Earl Lynd last night, ending a more than seven-month nationwide hiatus on capital punishment prompted by the Supreme Court’s examination of lethal injection.

Lynd’s execution at 7:51 p.m. was the first since the court ruled April 16 that the three-drug protocol most commonly used in executions by states and the federal government did not constitute cruel and unusual punishment.

The court last night turned down Lynd’s last-minute request for a stay, as the Georgia Supreme Court had earlier in the day. He was executed at the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison in Jackson.

Robert Barnes
Washington Post, May 7, 2008


William Earl Lynd was sentenced to death by a jury of his peers because of the heinous nature of the crime he committed. He shot his live in girlfriend, Ginger Moore in the face while high on drugs. After Moore crawled from the house to the porch, he shot her again. He loaded her body into the trunk, then when he heard a noise from the trunk, he opened it and shot her again. After driving across state lines, he buried her, then shot and killed another woman. Since he took her across state lines, he was charged with kidnapping, and these extra circumstances were sufficient to get him the death penalty.

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