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This is the teaching site of the West Side church of Christ in Fort Worth, TX. Unless otherwise indicated, all materials were written and prepared by Stan Cox

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Congregational History

A Short History of the West Side church of Christ

The West Side congregation formed in February, 1959, as certain members of the Castleberry congregation in River Oaks, TX moved down the road a short piece to begin the new work. At the time of the move, the Castleberry congregation was having two services each Sunday to accomodate a membership which had outgrown the auditorium. The move was a cordial one, undertaken with the blessings of the Castleberry elders and congregation. The West Side congregation was fully self-supporting from the very beginning.

Fay Starr was the first evangelist for the congregation, serving from February 1959 through August 1959. The list of remaining preachers: R.L. Burns (September 1959 – June 1961); Bill Crews (July 1961 – October 1966); John Coffman (November 1966 – April 1968); Harold Turner (May 1968 – April 1970); Bob Franks (June 1970 – 1972, brother Franks died while preaching for the West Side congregation); Tom Roberts (September 1972 – September 1982); Terry Green (November 1982 – August 1989) and finally the present evangelist, Stan Cox, who has been laboring with the congregation from September 3, 1989 until the present.

Brother Tom Roberts left the congregation in 1982, assisting numerous members of the West Side congregation in starting a new work, the Woodmont church in south Ft. Worth. This new work was entered into with the blessings of the West Side members.

The congregation appointed men to serve as overseers on June 4, 1967. Brothers P.A. Foster, James Crews and Steve Gardner were appointed to serve at that time. The congregation had elders from this date until June of 1974. During this time others served in the capacity as well: Jack Simpson, Bill Alexander and James Everett.

Men who have served as deacons during the congregation’s history include: Alvis Bourland, Jerry Gallman, Alex Engleka, Jack Simpson, John Stanley, Bill Alexander, John Tankersley, Carl Roberts, Joe Staley, Tom Mills and Joe Ferrara.

The congregation existed for a period of almost exactly 26 years without elders. Brothers P.A. Foster and Jerry Gallman were appointed to serve as elders on May 14, 2000. Brother Jack Gilliland was appointed as an elder on March 5, 2006. He remained as an elder until moving in 2009.  Roger Paulsel was appointed as an elder in 2009 until 2016.  Brother Brad Gallman was appointed as an elder in 2014.  Previously he had served for a number of years as a deacon of the congregation.  Brother P.A. Foster’s health decline required him to resign from serving as an elder in 2016.  He passed away in 2017.

The congregation appointed Bob Ward and Jerry Yocham to serve as deacons for the congregation on June 25, 2000.  Brother Yocham has since passed on to his reward.  Brother Joe Staley was added as a deacon of the congregation on September 20, 2000.  Bob Ward resigned as deacon due to health problems in early 2010, but after a period of time was again able to serve in that capacity.  Joe Staley passed away in June of 2010.  Jim Godfrey, Dennis Craig, Bob Ward and Josh Scroggins presently serve as deacons for the congregation.

At present, West Side is at peace and strong. To God be the glory.